In recent years, Georgiana’s interest in art has crossed the line of illustration. Since 2019, she started writing children’s books. In parallel, she founded a small business with illustrated and manufactured products – ANIMINI.
Out of the desire to make the universe of illustration known to everyone, she established a small gallery in the central area of Bucharest – White Flat Gallery, which is adjacent to her workshop and whose curator she is.
The year 2021 was very rich in projects, and among them, Les dames de Bucarest stands out – in which Georgiana drew every day of the year a woman she met on the streets of Bucharest.


Georgiana’s words about ANIMINI

“I took my love for drawing and combined it with my love for children and nature. This is how Animini was created, from simple ingredients.

First, it was the idea, then the designs, then the search for a supplier of textile products who would embrace the same ideas as mine and that everything they produce should be made with respect for nature and people. After I found it, I teamed up with the best in print, and that’s the only way I managed to create blouses that our children will wear with pleasure, for a long time. I know you adults will secretly want them too, so I’ll reserve a little spot on this site for you too.

I will not stop here, I will continue to create for children, thinking about their pleasures, but also about their future. That’s why you will always find here products that respect the principle of sustainability, packaged in as little plastic as possible, and use recycled or organic materials. Products designed, drawn, or made by me or other Romanian illustrators, trying to use as much as possible of the local resources we have.”

White Flat Gallery

WHITE FLAT is a gallery that features illustrations and ceramics. We aim to present to the public at least 5 exhibitions per year, interspersed with various artistic events. We want to draw the public into illustration and make them understand the size and complexity of this phenomenon that has grown in scale over the last 20 years. All this in a familiar environment. We are trying to reproduce the atmosphere and warmth of a home so that the viewer can perceive the art in an environment where they feel comfortable. The illustration is often small in size, and a gallery with large walls and vast spaces does not always enhance it. That’s why we wanted to make a different kind of gallery – an intimate space where the illustration can be viewed in peace, a space that provides from the first moment the context in which you will admire an illustration in case you want to take it home.

Les Dames de Bucarest

The words of Dr. Alina Ruxandra Mircea, curator of the first exhibition LES DAMES DE BUCHAREST, and head of the Art Section at the Brăila Carol I Museum

“Les dames de Bucarest” began with a challenge to her creativity and powers of self-discipline: Georgiana set herself the goal of drawing a woman every day, starting on January 1 and ending on December 31, 2021. The result is copious and very varied in graphic expression, proving a great acuteness of observation and science of always finding the right means of interpretation. The prompt response to the data of reality also has an implicit documentary dimension, perfectly aware and assumed by the artist. The 365 women from Bucharest drawn by Georgiana – masked, preoccupied, in a hurry, or in temporary rest – are just as many poses of femininity in the complicated year 2021. Each drawing is an exercise in knowledge, attention, graphic intelligence, and, not least, empathy.”

There have been various articles in the press about Les Dames de Bucarest, we invite you to discover them here.

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