In this shop, you will find a selection of original illustrations, fine art prints, and other products handcrafted, illustrated, or designed by Georgiana.

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Georgiana Chițac is a Bucharest-based freelance illustrator. She is a children’s books writer and illustrator, passionate about graphic arts, painting, and writing.

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Illustration categories


This category includes illustrations made for any type of advertising or promotional material, as well as illustrations that are used for any type of product intended for sale or promotion. Some examples are posters, greeting cards, invitations, packaging, web, etc.

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All illustrations made for books or press articles, regardless of distribution medium, fall into this category.

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Fine Art

Personal projects, landscapes, portraits, compositions, and generally anything created just for the love of art fall into this category. Sometimes these illustrations find their place on a book cover, poster, or t-shirt. In this case, the same type of copyright licensing as for commercial illustration will be used.

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